Affidavit of No Lien



STATE OF___________________

COUNTRY OF__________________

Before me, a duly commissioned Notary Public within and for the State and Country aforesaid, personally appeared________ _________who, after being duly sworn as required by law, deposes and says:

1. That he is the ___________________(title) of __________ ________________________________(firm).

2. That_____________________(said firm) is the owner of the improved property known and legally described as mentioned below:

SEE EXHIBIT “A” ATTACHED HERETO or (set forth legal description)

3. That ___________________is not the subject to any bankruptcy, creditor’s reorganization or insolvency proceeding and none are pending, contemplated or threatened.

4. That ____________________has possession of the property and that there is no other person in possession who has any right in the property.

5. That there are no unrecorded labor, mechanic’s or material men’s liens against the property and no material has been furnished or labor performed on the property which has not been paid in full.

6. That there are no unrecorded easements, liens of assessments for sanitary sewers, paving or other public utilities against said property.

7. That there are no claims whatsoever of any kind or description against any fixtures or equipment located on the said premises.

8. That there are no existing contracts for sale, options to purchase or unrecorded deeds or mortgages existing against said property.

9. That this affidavit is made for the purpose of_________




Subscribed and sworn to before me this ___ day of _______,



My commission expires________ NOTARY PUBLIC

Affidavit of No Lien

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