Announcement of Catalog Price Reductions


This is my favorite kind of letter. How many letters have I had to write over the years advising you of a price increase? Why, you ask, am I so happy? Read on.

This is to make you aware that, for a limited period of time, we are reducing prices on most of the items mentioned in our catalog. I would like to request you to take out a moment to review the enclosed catalog. For your convenience, I have encircled in green ink the items that are temporarily reduced. What an opportunity!

Please grab this opportunity and take advantage of these prices. If you wish to order large quantities, or stagger shipments, give me a call and we will try to work out mutually acceptable terms and conditions.

In any event, get your order in, as these prices are only valid for limited time. The offer is valid until (date)

I do enjoy writing this type of letter. Thank you in advance for your order.

Announcement of Catalog Price Reductions

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