Sample Paternity Leave Letter

Richmond White


Victor Enterprises,


11th September 2012


Steve Jacob

Personnel Manager,

Victor Enterprises,


Dear Mr. Steve,

Re. Paternity Leave

As I have already told you that my wife is pregnant and is in the final month of her pregnancy, very close to delivering our first child. I would like to apply for paternity leave starting immediately after her delivery. It is not possible for me to confirm the exact date of delivery at this moment. I would like to avail two weeks of statutory paternity leave and an additional of two weeks of unpaid leaves, till my parents come to stay with my wife and our child.

I shall resume work immediately after the completion of four weeks. I am glad that you understood my situation and considered my application.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Richmond White

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1 pijush 09.12.14 at 7:28 am

My wife became pregnant and extend date 29 octber and i am emply in bsf how to write letter

2 sai minoo 09.28.15 at 10:03 am

Dear Boss

I am writing to inform you of my delivery for rest to take leave October 31/2015 due to having my baby.I intend to return on February 15/ 2016.Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Kind Regard
Naw Jenefer

3 C b Singh 12.01.15 at 7:58 pm

After birth how can I write application paternity leave please give me sample

4 Benja shikuku 04.07.16 at 1:14 am

Its a nice guidence i didnt av the idear but after reading these samples i can write my own

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