Sample Character Letter of Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I was a pleasure knowing Adriana Martins for the past five years. I have known Adriana in different roles.

Earlier, she used to be a helper of my aunt Maria D’souza, and then she would handle the responsibility of my two children as a Nanny. I must say that she is a great care-taker. She knows it equally well how to take care of children and old people.

Later, she played the role of my riding student, and helped me for a number of different kinds of tasks at my stud farm. I received her complete support for running an animal husbandry facility successfully.

I would like to say that Adriana is really a sincere and dedicated girl towards her work. She is smart and loves to work hard. She can work in all circumstances and she is a quick learner.

I am sure that she will reach new heights in the future.



Patrick Stevens

Ph. – 415-452-5478

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