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Application Letter for the Post of Waitress in Restaurant

by emily on January 5, 2023

Waitress Cover Letter Application Example
Application for Employment as Waiter/Waitress

If you wish to apply for the post of waiter or waitress in a restaurant then you are supposed to be submitting an Application for Employment as Waiter in Restaurant or Hotel. The Short application letter for Waiter position makes an uncomplicated letter that highlights your experience and skills that are necessary for the profile.

This post includes a Waiter/Waitress Letter Sample which can be used for creating a personalized letter. Just follow the Waitress Cover Letter Example which makes a perfect application letter to use as per your needs.

Format of Application Letter for Post of Waitress


Ana Smith

54, Richard Street

New York

Date: January 5th, 2022


The Hiring Manager

Allen Restaurant and Bar

New York

Sub: Application letter for post of waitress

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this letter in response to the job opening for the profile of waitress in Allen Restaurant and Bar that was listed in The Times classified section on December 28th, 2022.

I have an experience of four years working with restaurants and bars as waitress. During this time, I have learned to always be warm to the customers, take their orders, help them with menus, rightly communicate these orders to the cooks and serve the food in the most impeccable way possible. For me customers are my topmost priority and I always make it a point to serve them with the best of etiquettes and maintain high cleanliness standards.

My former employees have always appreciated me for my ability to handle difficult situations and work under high pressure conditions. I always work with all my dedication to make sure that each and every customer that I have served leaves the restaurant happy and content.

For your reference, I have attached my resume with the application. I am quite positive that with the kind of experience and exposure I have in the industry, I will make a suitable fit for the profile.

Looking forward to meet you in person and further discuss the opportunity at length.

Thanking you.

Sincerely, Ana Smith

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Top 10 Differences Between Business Letter & Personal Letter

by emily on October 18, 2021

Business Letter & Personal Letter
Business Letter and Personal Letter

Written communications are very different from verbal ones. And when it comes to personal and professional writing both are completely different poles.  A proper business communication requires being set according to professional courtesy. There are certain predetermined organizational structures that need to be followed. Personal written communication on the other hand does not require following any set rules and can be written with a lesser formal approach.

Personal business letters are written to concern personnel regarding issues where information are exchanged with suppliers, customers, banks, insurance companies and external parties. Whereas in personal letter you exchange personal or family affairs with friends, teachers, students, lovers, family and relatives.

Differences between Business Letter and Personal Letter

Here are the top 10 difference seen between business letter & personal letter writing etiquette. Read along:

1. Personal business letters are formal written communication between colleagues with the same objective but work for different companies. It helps a great deal in maintaining professional relationships and developing contacts within your network. On the other hand a personal letter is a communication between friends on strictly non-official purposes.  In this case, handwritten personal letter is also legible.

2. The format of personal business letters is normally kept formal. They have single spacing, are left justified with no paragraph indentation. They strictly have to be typed. Personal letters on the other hand requires following no set format. It is up to the writer to decide on what and how he wants to write the letter.

3. The language is kept very formal in personal business letters. Salutations and closings are chosen very carefully to the most professional business sentiment. Colons are used more often (for example, RE:, DATE:). Personal letters requires no such formalities. Because of their informal tone, senders often ignore the basic punctuation and capitalization standards.

4. Personal business letter has a lot of business related issues and information to include. Whereas personal letters are restricted only to personal or family affairs.

5. Personal business letter are normally kept short and to the point. One does not go for useless exaggeration in such letters as none has the time to kill in leisure in the business world. Whereas in personal letters, length does not matter. All you need is to convey the right sentiment in the right way.

6. Personal business letter are categorized according to its purpose. However, personal letters do not fall into any set categories.

7. Salutations in personal business letters are kept formal. Examples may be Sir, Dear Sir, and Dear Mr. X etc. In case of personal letter salutations are not at all formal. You may use Dear Friends, My Dear X, Dear X etc.

8. In personal business letters, the language is kept quite easy and simple. Use of professional tone is highly advocated. Whereas on the other hand, the language used in personal letter is poetic, emotional and caring.

9. Whenever any personal business letter is exchanged between organizations, a copy of it is preserves for future reference. In case of personal letter, stocking of the sent letter is not necessary.

10. Personal business letters uses a direct and persuasive method where as personal letters are only direct.


Business personal letters are kept different from personal letters because both are completely different entities. Business letters are written for a purpose and is expected a quick response and is all about meeting deadlines. Personal letters have no such issues linked to it.

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Basic Etiquette for Professional Business Letter Writing

by emily on April 9, 2021

Professional Business Writing Etiquette Guideline, Letter Tips
Etiquette for Writing Business Letter

Professional little writing is different from normal writing. They need to be concise, accurate, unambiguous, logical and above all easily understandable. Effective delivery of information is what counts in the business world. And when it is communicated through writing it holds a different level of significance. Hence, it is crucial to every business personnel to have a good grip in writing reports, emails, letters, faxes, policy documents or contracts that runs in the organization.

Professional Business Writing Etiquette Guideline and Tips

Here are the basic etiquette with good tips to help write some of the most influential business pieces:

1. One of the fundamental elements of business writing is to know your audience well. You must be able to speak their language to intrude further. As they say, test the water before you dive in.

2. Ask questions like who are you writing to? What exactly are you planning on writing? Is it a memo, a proposal to a business executive, or a letter to a customer? Different objectives have different style of writing.

3. Another important question you need to ask will be how well your recipient understands English.

4. Will the piece be sent to a single recipient or to many at the same time? In other words, understand your target strength. A note to a co-worker will be different form a memo to a group of executives.

5. How familiar is your recipient to the topic of discussion in written? If they are totally alien to what you intend to discuss about, they will never be able to relate and your purpose won’t be served. Your writing should have a friendly tone as sound as if you are talking to them.

6. You need not be overly formal. Plus it should not be too long or too short. Long pieces fails to grab attention while short ones across as rude as if you want to rush to the point.

7. The style or tone in which you write for professional business purposes differs from message to message and audience to audience. Hence the style you chose to write is crucial.

8. Use of standard grammar rules and proper syntax is the key to successful business writing. Remember that your writing reflects your personality which is quite crucial to any business meeting.  Hence play this card safe. Always proofread before sending it out. 

9. The information you provide should be factual and honest. You need not exaggerate or lie to bag any deal.

10. Be proactive throughout your writing. Make is provocative in such a way that your purpose is served.  Also, there are chances that your writing will not be heard. In those cases, do not lament, your plans will not be hindered. Just move on.

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Sample Business Application Letter

by emily on February 8, 2012


The Administrative Officer

Honda- Global Computers Pvt. Ltd

13th Palmdale Street,


London 478562

Phone: 785642362

Dear Sir,

Sub: Annual Contract for Car Lease.

Ref:  Our Letter of Tariff date 20th Nov’09.

You have been our esteemed client for Car Rentals for the past 4 years where-in you are taking our cars on rent on daily tariff rates.

Taking this is in mind we have made a special proposal for you. Please study our attached business proposal for cars on Annual Contract specially made for you. It will turn out to be less expensive in the long run with guarantee of vehicle availability at short notice.

We would like to set a personal meeting and discuss the proposal with you. I will be waiting for your affirmation and look forward for a call from you soon.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Rosh Daniels

Download Sample Business Application Letter In Word Format

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