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Request Letter to Advertise your Business in Magazine, Newspaper

by emily on July 11, 2023

Request Letter for Magazine, Newspaper & TV for Advertisement

In order to take your business to new heights, it is important that you advertise about it on different platforms so that more and more people know about it. And in order to do that you can always write a request letter to magazine, newspaper and TV for advertisement. The idea is to know introduce your business and find out about the advertisement rates with whichever platform you wish to go with.

Have a look at the format for Request Letter for Magazine, Newspaper & TV for Advertisement shared below in order to create a formal personalized draft.

Request Letter for Magazine, Newspaper & TV for Advertisement


Richard Smith


Zenith Technologies

New York

Date: July 11, 2023


The Editor,

America Times

New York

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like to introduce to you my firm M/s Zenith Technologies which is an IT company based out in New York. We are catering to different companies across different industries in New York, Chicago and California. We aim to expand our business across the country and therefore, we would like to advertise about our company and the services offered by our company by advertising with your esteemed newspaper which has a nationwide presence.

We are looking for an advertisement close to 4inX6in which can include the name, address and contact number of our company along with the list of services offered by our company. We would also be interested in inviting franchises with our advertisement in order to open up our offices across the country and the advertisement can include the same as well.

Kindly share with us the rates for the advertisement if we wish to go with the monthly plan to start with. We would be eager to know that how soon can we start working on the advertisement and have it published in your newspaper.

Thanking you for your time and consideration. It would be great if we could work on this together. Looking forward to hearing from you with all the details to have the things started.


Richard Smith


Zenith Technologies

New York

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Request For Magazine Advertisement Fee Letter

by emily on April 16, 2012

Request for Magazine Advertisement Fee


[DATE, ex. Thursday, February 2, 2012]



Sean Peterson


123 Lane, Area 456,

City, State, Pin Code]


Dear [Name, ex. Sean Peterson],


We are interested in [TYPE OF ADVERTISEMENT, ex. a full-page color advertisement] in your newspaper.  Accordingly, please forward the following information to us:


1) The relevant advertisement rate sheet.

2) Conditions and/or restrictions on content and artwork.

3) The minimum lead times you require.

4) Any other information you deem relevant.


Our company would like to make a contract for your services with your firm, [COMPANY NAME, ex. XYZ Co]. We are interested in making a print advertisement [TIME PERIOD, ex. during March].  The expected length is [LENGTH, ex. 6×4] and we plan to give [X] advertisements in the [TIME OF MONTH, ex. 4 ads in a month].


We would like to start this contract for a [DURATION, ex. one-year] contract. I would be interested in hearing from you regarding your fees for the services rendered by your firm.


I can be reached at 345-695-0042 or [email protected]. Looking forward to the great opportunities together.


Yours faithfully,


[SENDER’S NAME, ex. Bob Travolta]

 Download Request For Magazine Advertisement Fee Letter In Word Format

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