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Advance Notice of Out of Business Sale

by emily on June 11, 2012


It is absolutely true, we are going out of business.My wife and I have decided that now that the children are grown, we are going to do some of things we could only dream and planned about for so many years.

So, starting on (date), everything in our store which includes our merchandise, our racks, our fixtures, our showcases and even our delivery truck will be up for sale and prices that are too good to be true.

As a good and valuable customer of ours, we thought you would be interested in this advance notice of sale that we are sending out today.

We will look forward to seeing you on the (date)and am sure you will take the advantage of the sale.

Advance Notice of Out of Business Sale


I Am Dropping Out Letter

by emily on May 3, 2012

123 Lane, Area 456,

City, State, Pin Code
February 17, 2012
[Mention Recipient’s Address Here]

I’ve learned a lot from college. College has indeed been one of the most experiencing, challenging parts of my life, and I wouldn’t forget the things I’ve learned here or forget the people I’ve met here for anything in the world. However…I’m dropping out from college. You must be bit surprised (or may be a lot surprised), and I’m not going to try to explain myself in this letter. I’ve given this a very deep thought and taken this decision that I will try my hand at [what you’d rather do] This is what I wish to do and I hope you’ll support me in this. Give me a call on 987-456-0544 and I’ll discuss this in detail with you. I hope you understand that this is what I really want to do. Thanks. Take Care.

Warm Regards,

Sean Peterson

Encl: [List of enclosed items goes here]

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Do Not Go Out With That Person Letter

by emily on May 2, 2012

Since we are good friends, I care for you, and that’s what I’m doing. I am aware that you and [name of the person] exchanged phone numbers [description of how you got to know about the numbers of getting exchanged] and I being you’re good friend ought to tell you something which is important. Do not go out with [him/her]. It’s not that [he’s/she’s] a bad or something. It’s just that [he/she] [description of weird behavior]. I know several other [guys/girls] who’ve gone out with [him/her] and they all say the same thing: please stay away from him! I hope you’ll take my advice. I know you’re a big [girl/boy], but sometimes you just need a pal to warn you when you’re about to step on a land mine. Please consider what I am saying.

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