Notice Letter for Termination of Contract with a Security Agency

If you wish to terminate the contract with your security agency then you have to write a formal Security Agency Termination Letter for the same. The purpose of the letter is to professionally mention about the termination along with the reason for termination. You can easily use the Termination Letter for Security Contractor Sample Letter … Read more

Sample Layoff Letter Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted into the closure of many businesses across the globe. And if you are also in the same situation that you have to wind up your business then writing a layoff letter due to COVID-19 to the employees is the right thing to do. Inform your employees by using permanent layoff … Read more

Notice of Error in Shipment And Request For Return Authorization

Dear   This is to acknowledge the receipt of the above referenced order and to inform you that there is an error in the shipment. The merchandise I ordered was (specify) , while the merchandise I received is (specify) . Upon receiving your instructions for the return of goods, I will send same to you. … Read more

Notice of Dissolution Partnership

NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION   Notice is hereby given in accordance with the provisions of (Section and Code of State) that: The partnership heretofore existing between (partner A) and (partner B), under the fictitious name of (fictitious name of partnership) at (address), City of, Country of, State of is now dissolved by mutual consent. That (partner … Read more

Notice of Dispatch

NOTICE OF DISPATCH Date: .   To: . (Client name)   This is in reference to the order placed by your company with us. We would like to inform you that On ., 20., the goods ordered by you on our contract dated ., 20. will be sent to you by . (Carrier) and should … Read more

Notice of Delayed Shipment

Dear   This is in the reference to the order placed by your company few days back with us. Due to the huge response we received from our summer catalog, we are experiencing a delay in filling some of the orders. Item (number) should be sent to you within (time) from this date. Please accept … Read more

Notice of Defects in Goods After Acceptance

DEFECTS IN GOODS AFTER ACCEPTANCE   To:…………………….. ……… (address)……..   Notice is hereby given that on (date of delivery), I accepted the tender of (merchandise delivered) under our contract for purchase dated (date). That beginning on (date) and continuing to the present date, the following defects in the above mentioned goods have become manifest: (set … Read more

Notice of Defective Goods

NOTICE OF DEFECTIVE GOODS Date: _   To: _ (Supplier)   This is to acknowledge that we are in receipt of merchandise shipped to us pursuant to your invoice or order number (_), dated _, 20_. Certain goods as listed on the attached sheet are defective for the below mentioned reasons: (Describe the details) _ … Read more

Notice of Change of Address 1

NOTICE OF DEFAULT   To ………………… (address) …………………….. as trustee (or beneficiary) under that certain deed of transfer in trust executed by ……….., as Trustor, to ……….., as Trustee and ………….., as beneficiary, dated …………., recorded in Book …., Page … of official records in the office of the Country Recorder of ……. Country, State … Read more