Notice Letter for Termination of Contract with a Security Agency

If you wish to terminate the contract with your security agency then you have to write a formal Security Agency Termination Letter for the same. The purpose of the letter is to professionally mention about the termination along with the reason for termination. You can easily use the Termination Letter for Security Contractor Sample Letter … Read more

Letter Format of Termination of Retainer Agreement

There are various reasons for which a retainer agreement is terminated but whatever be the case a formal termination letter has to be written. Just like any other termination letter format, this agreement termination letter has to be precise and complete. It must include the reason for termination. A letter of termination of retainer agreement … Read more

Lease Termination Letter

February 23, 2012 To: Mr. Joan Smith 1239, South Plaza, New York, USA Dear Mr. Smith, Sub: Termination of Lease of my House. Ref:  Our Lease Deed dated 19th February, 2010. I would like to notify that I intend to terminate the Lease Deed of my House No. 1239 with effect from March 1, 2012. … Read more

Business Termination Letter

To: Mr. Sean Peterson Chairman Caffman Electronics 1239, South Plaza, New York, USA February 25, 2012 Dear Sir, Sub: Termination of our Business Contract. Ref: Our Business Contract dated 11 July 2012. This is to notify that we are terminating our Business Contract under Ref for supply of Medical Equipments with effect from March 1, 2012 … Read more

Employee Termination

123 Lane, Area 456, City, State, Pin Code May 16, 2012 (Mention Recipient’s Address Here) Hello. As per our discussion in the meeting (time of meeting), it is decided that you will no longer continue as being an employee of XYZ Company, as of (date that termination is effective). (Optional explanation.) Upon leaving XYZ Company, … Read more

Vendor Termination Letter

To: Robert Colossus Chairman Aqua Water Co. Roswell, NM 224354 Phone: 987-654-3210 Dear Sir, Sub: Termination of Contract for supply of water with your company. Ref:  Our Vendor Contract dated 11th January, 2011. This is to notify that our Contract under Ref for supply of bottled water stands cancelled with effect from 31st January 2012 … Read more

Termination Letter For Non Performance Letter

To: Mr. Andy Gilbert Sales Executive Sales and Marketing Robert software solutions, Dear Mr. Andy Gilbert Sub: Termination of Services. Ref: Our Letter No 1/Performance/24 Dated: 31-01-2012 Please refer to letter mentioned above wherein you were counseled by your team leader to improve your performance. It is clearly visible that there is no improvement in your … Read more