Termination Letter For Student Letter

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Mr. Wilson Gayle


207, Middle Street,



Dear Mr. Gayle,

This letter is written to notify you that you are being expelled from the London University for your over and over again poor results in studies. Above all your rebellious, filthy behavior inside and outside the class with your co students and lecturers is simply intolerable.

So many complaints have been coming against you in the dean’s office regularly and you despite of several warnings given orally and in written there is not a slight of change in your path which is quite shameful and awful on your part. Hence the disciplinary committee has taken this extreme step of terminating you from the university.

We are aware of the fact that your career will be destroyed by this step but you have left us no choice for excuse with your careless and reluctant behavior which is against the university rules and regulations and not acceptable. As a result we are forced to dismiss you.


Mr. Frank,


Oxford University

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