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Apology Letter to the Principal for Ragging in School

by Caroline Rivett on October 22, 2022

Apology Letter to the Principal for Ragging in School
Apology Letter to Principal for Ragging

The cases of ragging in schools and colleges have been increasing with an alarming rate. These cases require immediate action to be taken against the defaulters before the matter is taken to the court of law. A student accused of ragging should apologize to the aggrieved student and their family, and the school authorities. An apology letter is written for the same purpose. This post contains Apology Letter to the principal for ragging and apology letter format.

You can find an apology letter template that you may use by altering the details of the letter.

Sample Letter to the Principal Apologizing for Doing Ragging

August 29, 2022


The principal

Riverdale High

Re: Apology letter for ragging case


With all due respect, I am a student of class XI, having student Id number 01234. My name is Shane Josh. I apologize to you and the school authorities for the complaint of ragging lodged against me by John Rickly of class X.

I regret my actions. There was no intention to hurt anyone, it happened in the heat of the moment and I realized how wrong I was in doing that.

I have apologized to John and his family. You may enquire with them about the same.

I accept my mistake and promise to not repeat it again ever in the future. Please do not suspend or expel me from the school. I promise to work hard on myself and my studies in the last two years of my school and not let you and other faculty members down.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely


Shane Josh

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Termination Letter For Student Letter

by emily on April 25, 2012

Mr. Wilson Gayle


207, Middle Street,



Dear Mr. Gayle,

This letter is written to notify you that you are being expelled from the London University for your over and over again poor results in studies. Above all your rebellious, filthy behavior inside and outside the class with your co students and lecturers is simply intolerable.

So many complaints have been coming against you in the dean’s office regularly and you despite of several warnings given orally and in written there is not a slight of change in your path which is quite shameful and awful on your part. Hence the disciplinary committee has taken this extreme step of terminating you from the university.

We are aware of the fact that your career will be destroyed by this step but you have left us no choice for excuse with your careless and reluctant behavior which is against the university rules and regulations and not acceptable. As a result we are forced to dismiss you.


Mr. Frank,


Oxford University

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Sample Recommendation Letter for an Engineering Student Letter

by emily on April 4, 2012


Mr. Jim Parker
Xavier’s Girls School
Dallas – 41523


Dr. Alex Parson
The Principal
Hayes Engineering School
Dallas – 41526

March 14, 2012


Dear Mr. Parson,

This is in recommendation of Ms. Heather Bryant regarding admission in your institution in the ‘B.Tech’ degree course.

I would like to inform you that Ms. Bryant has been my student in our school. I am Craig Thomas, her Chemistry teacher.

She passed her school examination with good grades. Heather was exceptionally good in studies, she ranked 2nd in the class. She has also cleared the entrance exam for engineering with good percentile.

Your institute is known for an international academic environment with all modern facilities for students and every engineering student wants to get admission in your college.

I believe that give a chance in your prestigious college, she will be able to learn the fundamentals of engineering efficiently and will succeed in future.

So, I recommend Ms. Heather Bryant for admission in your B.Tech program. I am enclosing related documents in support of her application.

Please consider her admission.



Mr. Jim Parker
Xavier’s Girls School

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