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Notice And Tender by Debtor

by emily on July 20, 2012



TO: ………………………..

……… (address) ………..


You are hereby notified that the undersigned elects to redeem the (collateral) that is currently in your possession pursuant to that certain security agreement, the date of which is, for which said collateral was pledged to secure performance. Election is hereby made in accordance with the rights afforded under the Uniform Commercial Code Section 9506.


Therefore, the undersigned hereby tenders fulfillment of all obligations pursuant to said security agreement and secured by said collateral, in addition to the amount of $ for your expenditures in repossessing, holding, preparing the collateral for disposition through sale, arranging for sale, attorney’s fees and legal expenditures.


Demand is hereby made that you make the said collateral available for retaking by the undersigned.


Dated: ………………


 Notice And Tender by Debtor


Apology And Tender of Compensation

by emily on May 31, 2012



This is to acknowledge you that we are in receipt of the letter sent on (date). Thank you for your letter in which you informed us that (product) you purchased was (nature of the problem).

We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We are sorry that you experienced this problem and we would like to enclose (nature of compensation). While we make every attempt to ensure that our products are (address complaint), this unfortunate incident can occasionally occur. We hope you understand our situation too.

We are very appreciative that you have taken the time to bring this to our attention and would like to thank you for purchasing our products. And once again sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Apology And Tender of Compensation

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Sample Tender Acceptance Letter

by emily on December 21, 2011

Mr. George Blauth

Chief Executive Officer

Metro Engg. & Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Dear Mr. Blauth,

On behalf of Shell Technologies Pvt. Ltd., it gives me immense pleasure to let you know that your tender has been accepted. Your company’s good reputation and name has affected on our decision.

For further discussion regarding working terms and conditions, we are seeking a suitable date from you to set up a meeting between concerned departments of both the companies. We request you to bring all legal documents in the meeting to complete pending formalities. Kindly mail us the filled form of commitment and format of invoice to initiate further.

In case of any query, please feel free to contact us on our official landlines and department e- mail id [email protected] forward for your timely support.Yours Sincerely,

Melissa Gomes

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