Thank you Letter Business Gift

Mr. Joseph Raymonds


Protext Inc.


456, Hogsmede,


New Wales,



February 8, 2012

Dear Mr. Joseph Raymonds,

I am writing this letter to thank you for the amazing cuff links gifted by you. I always wanted such Tiffany’s cuff links for myself but could never buy one. I am so thankful to you for going out of the way and gifting me such a wonderful gift. Although your gift has taken me by surprise, your kindness has touched my heart.

I am so amazed to see your kind gesture shown towards me. I would also like to express my gratification towards the kind words of appreciation you wrote for me in the letter attached with the present. I have always cherished our association as colleagues and hope to see us work together more often in future. As a token of gratification I would like to invite you and your wife over dinner at my place on this Saturday. I would be pleased if you could come. Looking forward to meet you.

Thank you once again.

Mr. Collins Linder


Protext Inc.

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