Wedding Invitation Thank You Letter

February 6, 2012

Laura Atkinson,


D- South Society, Garden Road,


Ottawa, Canada

Dear Laura,

How are you doing? I was extremely happy to accept your wedding invitation yesterday. I am so glad that you remembered me and invited me in your wedding ceremony. This came as a surprise for me. I never expected you to marry so soon. I also received your letter saying that you will be marrying the person you love and I am happy to know that parents of both the sides have agreed for the wedding. Also, I know Mark personally, he is a great guy. I wish both of you a very happy married life ahead.

As you must be aware that Uncle Arnold is not keeping well and thus we may not be able to attend your marriage. However, I will try my best to attend your wedding. Nonetheless my blessings are always there with you. Please feel free to call me anytime for any help. May god bless you with lots of love and happiness!

Yours aunt,


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