Sample Death Announcement Letter

Mike Grett

59, Tyson Street


United Kingdom

Dear Mike,

I feel very sorry to convey you this message that our grandmother Sandra deceased on Thursday evening at 6:30 P.M. due to a heart attack .She was in the hospital for the past three days and the doctors tried the most to bring her back to full health.

The funeral will be at St Peter’s church on Saturday where grandma wanted it to be according to her will. As it would take a 24 hour traveling for you to reach here please start immediately as soon as you receive this letter, so that you can be here on time.

I knew the news of her dismissal was inevitable but having to hear that so early has put me aback and I am really sorry for this and hope that you will be able to attend the funeral in time.

I pray to god that, “May her soul rest in peace”.



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