Sample Employee Appreciation Email on Ethics at Work

If there is an employee in your company who always puts work ethics before anything else then this is one of the most important things for which you must appreciate him or her. This can be done by writing an employee appreciation email on work ethics to that employee. If you are clueless about how … Read more

Employee Appreciation Email for Accomplishment

If any of your employee has been able to accomplish an important and difficult task then this surely demands for appreciating the employee for the good work he or she has done and that can be done by writing an employee appreciation email for accomplishment. This post includes an employee appreciation email sample which works … Read more

Write a Appreciation Email for Employee Format & Template

When an employee works hard and does his or her best at their job then in such a scenario it is very important to appreciate the employee for their work and the dedication he or she has impressed you with. It is significant that you express all of this through words. Therefore, writing an appreciation … Read more

Appreciation Email For Completion of Project Template

When a project successfully gets completed then it is certainly a great thing for the team members as well as the team leader. Therefore, the leader must acknowledge and appreciate the members of the team for making this happen by writing an appreciation email for the same. This post includes a formal team or employee … Read more

Application Letter for Not Attending Online Classes 

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Due to the pandemic situation, online classes have become quite common. But sometimes due to various reasons attending an online class is not possible and in that situation, writing an application for not attending online classes is suggested. Format for application for not attending online class due to fever/ health issue, internet problem, out of … Read more

Sample Project Completion Appreciation Letter

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To, Mr. Joseph Saunders   3455 Westeria Lane, Orlando Subject: Letter of Appreciation for project completion Dear Sir, It is really admiring that you could complete the project as per the time deadline. I must appreciate you on your achievement. You have done remarkable work. These days we have notices that most projects are not … Read more