Letter Format to Explain Reasons for Not Going Abroad

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If you have an offer waiting to go abroad and there is something important because of which you cannot leave your present location then you can always write a letter for the same. The letter to explain reasons for not going abroad is a simple letter that puts forward the reasons because of which you cannot go to any other country.

If you are finding it difficult to write one such letter like a resignation letter for travel abroad then you can always use the Letter of Explanation Sample Template to create one such letter with ease.

Sample Format for Letter to Explain Reasons for Not Going Abroad


Bob Smith

44, Richy Apartments

New York

Date: March 14th, 2023


Mr. Anthony Black

85, New Era Apartments

New York

Dearest Anthony,

Hope this letter of mine finds you in the best of your health and spirits. I am also doing good and things are good at my end.

I am extremely sorry as I was not able to respond to the letter that you had sent me last week as I was busy taking care of my grandmother who was hospitalized because of some viral infection which turned serious.

I was really happy reading your letter and knowing the offer that you had made in it. I am really sure that this is one of the best opportunities for my career but at this point in time, I am not in a situation to move abroad as I am the only one who can take care of my grandmother and she really needs me. Medically, she is not doing very good and therefore, I cannot leave her alone here and I cannot even take her along with me to London, if I accept your offer.

I am really thankful to you for thinking of me as the responsible person who can go and set up an office for your company in London. I would have not denied this offer had things would have been different.  I am hopeful that you are going to consider my situation and I promise you as soon as things get better at my end, I am myself going to get in touch with you regarding this opportunity or any other opportunity you can offer me in future.

Meanwhile, if you want any help from my end here in New York then I will be more than happy to get associated with your company and work with you.

I wish you all the best with this new venture of your company and I am sure that you are going to take your company to new heights. Thank you for understanding.


Bob Smith

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