Scholarship Request Letter


Ms. Sandra Madison

45, Baker St.

New Town Ave,

London – W1U 2KU

17 March, 2012


Dear Ms. Sandra,

We are pleased to inform you that our college ‘Parker College of Science’ has chosen you as a nominee to our scholarship.

Our institute is very reputed and has produced very bright talents that are presently serving the country across the globe in high positions. We receive hundreds of applications every year for a seat in our college, but we choose only the best.

Considering your grades, you are selected for our college sponsorship program, under which you will receive your college tuition fee, expenses for books, projects & other sorts of educational expenses.

You will be receiving a grant of £1000 each year during your graduation course with us.

You are informed to accept this scholarship at the earliest, so please reply to us within one week of receipt of this letter, or else we will award this scholarship to some other deserving candidate.

Hope to hear from you soon.



Elisa Lusk


College Scholarship Program


Parker College of Science

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