Decline Request to Be Interviewed By Press Letter

Decline Request to Be Interviewed By Press


[DATE, ex. Saturday, February 4, 2012]



Arnold Shaw


123 Lane, Area 456,

City, State, Pin Code]


Dear [NAME, ex. Arnold Shaw],


I received your invitation to interview me for [PUBLICATION, ex. Daily Chronicle] to be an honor for me. I believe [INTERVIEW SUBJECT, ex. the issue of sustainable corporate development in the country] to be a important and necessary topic.

I am sorry to say but I would have to decline your invitation. [GIVE REASONS BRIEFLY, ex. I do not think I am an expert to give my views on this subject, I hope you can understand my concern to form and assert an opinion on it. I would like to suggest name of Mr. Mark Smith for the same. I believe his involvement in this concern would be far more useful than my background and views on the same.]

Thank you again for considering me for this honor.


Yours truly,


[YOUR NAME, ex. Bob Travolta]

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