Sample Evidence Preservation Letter Format, Example

Sample Evidence Preservation Letter Format, Example
Sample Evidence Preservation Letter

An Evidence Preservation letter is written to a person or business entity requesting them to preserve the evidence or recordings related to an incident that occurred. It is written to formally notify them to not tamper with the evidence though the preservation of evidence is not guaranteed.

In this post are preservation letter samples and evidence preservation letter format to help you draft a letter. There is also a preservation letter template that can be used directly to draft a customized letter.

Sample Letter Format for Preservation of Evidence

September 29, 2022

Ross Hannigan

123, Downtown

Manhattan, New York

Re: Evidence preservation

To Ross

This firm represents Mike Stellar, the owner and driver of the car you dashed into on June 22, 2022 at Street no. 56 at 1630 hours. This letter is in connection to the incident that occurred on the above referenced date and time.

This letter serves as a formal demand that you and your company preserve any and all evidence relating to the accident. Demand is made for you to maintain all the originals and copies of the surveillance footage for the twenty four hour period before and after the accident. You are also requested to forward the copies of these videos to our attention immediately.

Kindly note that it is imperative that you take affirmative steps to preserve any item(s) related to the above-referenced accident. The failure to do so may constitute negligent or intentional spoliation of evidence and which can result in the imposition of sanctions in any lawsuit or action, including an order barring the introduction of any such evidence.

Lastly, please immediately contact our office with the contact information for your applicable liability insurance carrier.

Thank you for your professional courtesy and cooperation as well as your attention to this matter. Please contact the undersigned upon receipt of this letter to discuss the matter.

Yours truly

Attorney Karen Grow

Representative: Mike Stellar

+1 (123) 456789

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