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Disputed Balance Notice

by emily on June 27, 2012



Date: _


To: _


We are in receipt of your statement dated _, 20_, indicating an account balance of $_.

We dispute said balance for the reason(s) checked.

____ Goods invoiced for have not been received.

____ Prices are in excess as per the agreed amount.

____ Prior payment made in the amount of $_ on _, 20_.

____ Goods were unordered.

____ Goods were faulty as per prior notice.

____ Goods are available for return as per our right of return and credit.

____ Other (Describe) _


Please adjust our account accordingly.


Best Regards,



Disputed Balance Notice


Settlement Offer on Disputed Account Balance Letter

by emily on April 21, 2012

Settlement Offer on Disputed Account Balance



[Name, Company Name & Address here]


Dear [name],


This is in reference to our disputed account balance.

We would like to say that we can offer a conciliation resolution so that we can do business together.

The last invoice we received from you shows the balance as $[amount].

As you know, we have already disputed this amount due to these reasons:

[Mention reasons here] –

{For instance}

We always paid in advance, but you did not offer us any discount as per our verbal agreement. If the discounted amount be added, it comes $[total of discount amount]. You should less this figure from the total amount.You also did not excused us from restocking charges, you charged an amount of $[amount] for returning goods, so this amount should be deducted too from the invoice.Now, we want to settle our account with a payment of $[amount] that is the correct sum according to our calculation.We are enclosing a check [check no.] in this amount; credit of this amount towards our account should clear all the dues.

Look forward to hear from you and, a continued business relationship in the future.




[Your name & Designation]


[Company name]

Encl: [Enclosures List here]

Download Settlement Offer on Disputed Account Balance Letter In Word Format