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Disputed Balance Notice

by emily on June 27, 2012



Date: _


To: _


We are in receipt of your statement dated _, 20_, indicating an account balance of $_.

We dispute said balance for the reason(s) checked.

____ Goods invoiced for have not been received.

____ Prices are in excess as per the agreed amount.

____ Prior payment made in the amount of $_ on _, 20_.

____ Goods were unordered.

____ Goods were faulty as per prior notice.

____ Goods are available for return as per our right of return and credit.

____ Other (Describe) _


Please adjust our account accordingly.


Best Regards,



Disputed Balance Notice

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Deliveries Held Until Past Due Balance Paid

by emily on June 23, 2012



Due to the difficulties we have been experiencing lately in obtaining your payment for the goods we have delivered in agreement with the provisions of our contract of (date), we should inform you that we will not be able to send or provide delivery further for any more goods to you unless you provide us with adequate assurance for payment on aforesaid goods.

We regret having to withhold further deliveries, but, at this point in time, we have no other feasible alternative.

Please let us know promptly what your decision would be in this regard to your willingness to provide us with the adequate assurance we are requesting.

 Deliveries Held Until Past Due Balance Paid

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Settlement Offer on Disputed Account Balance Letter

by emily on April 21, 2012

Settlement Offer on Disputed Account Balance

[Name, Company Name & Address here]


Dear [name],

This is in reference to our disputed account balance.

We would like to say that we can offer a conciliation resolution so that we can do business together.

The last invoice we received from you shows the balance as $[amount].

As you know, we have already disputed this amount due to these reasons:

[Mention reasons here] –

{For instance}

We always paid in advance, but you did not offer us any discount as per our verbal agreement. If the discounted amount be added, it comes $[total of discount amount]. You should less this figure from the total amount.You also did not excused us from restocking charges, you charged an amount of $[amount] for returning goods, so this amount should be deducted too from the invoice.Now, we want to settle our account with a payment of $[amount] that is the correct sum according to our calculation.We are enclosing a check [check no.] in this amount; credit of this amount towards our account should clear all the dues.

Look forward to hear from you and, a continued business relationship in the future.


[Your name & Designation]

[Company name]

Encl: [Enclosures List here]

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