Letter of Donation to Charity

by admin on June 14, 2013 in Donation Letter

Whenever you plan on donating a specific some of money or a piece of property to a charitable group there are certain steps you have to follow. Firstly, you will have to write down a letter to the organization mentioning the sum of money you plan on donating with a firm [...]

Welcome New Employee

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To: [recipient(s)] From: Sean Peterson cc: Date: February 24, 2012 Subject: [subject of memo] I would like to all join me in welcoming [name of new joiner] who [job position]. [previous background] [Any more additional information.] I would like to request all of you to [...]

School Acceptance Letter

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School Acceptance Letter From: [Sean Peterson] [D- South Society, Garden Road, Ottawa, Canada] To: [The Principal] [Welcome School] [Canada] [February 22, 2012] Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing this letter to thank you for accepting my application. It is a matter of great pr[...]

Salary Statement Letter

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February 23, 2012 Sean Peterson Administrator Officer Caffman Electronics   Boston Dear Mr. Peterson, This letter includes a statement letter of your annual salary. It has all the details of your annual salary. And therefore we kindly request you to go through the e[...]

Lease Termination Letter

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February 23, 2012 To: Mr. Joan Smith 1239, South Plaza, New York, USA Dear Mr. Smith, Sub: Termination of Lease of my House. Ref:  Our Lease Deed dated 19th February, 2010. I would like to notify that I intend to terminate the Lease Deed of my House No. 1239 with effect[...]

Job Acceptance Letter Template

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Receiver’s Name Receiver’s Designation Company Name Dear Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. (first name of the receiver), Thank you! This is with intense pleasure to receive the confirmation of the job. I am writing this letter with reference (talk about reference clearly) to confirm th[...]

How to write a Thank You Letter

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There are various occasions to send thank you letters. Thank you letters are sent to someone for participating in an event, for selecting for job or simply to thank your family or friends for inviting you to a function. Basically the letters can be categorized in two cat[...]

How to Write a Farewell Letter

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The Farewell letters are written when someone is leaving the other; either a group of people or individuals. It is therefore considered polite to write a goodbye letter. Some points to remember while writing a good farewell letter are as follows: Firstly, the tone of let[...]

Election Congratulations Letter

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From: Mr. Joan Smith Chairman, Sun Plaza Housing Association 1239, Sun Plaza, New York, USA February 22, 2012 Dear Mr. Joan Smith, On the occasion of your great victory of getting chosen as the President for the housing association, I would like to congratulate you. We w[...]

Business Termination Letter

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To: Mr. Sean Peterson Chairman Caffman Electronics 1239, South Plaza, New York, USA   February 25, 2012 Dear Sir, Sub: Termination of our Business Contract. Ref: Our Business Contract dated 11 July 2012. This is to notify that we are terminating our Business Contra[...]