Sample Medical Assistant Thank You Letter[...]

Sometimes we notice errors in the bills and if we wish to have them corrected then we are supposed to be writing complaint letter to dispute billing error for restaurant meal. In this post, we have come up with a format for complaint letter to dispute billing error for r[...]

If you wish to cancel the subscription of a magazine then you can do so by writing a cancellation letter to that magazine. It is a very simple and short letter which must include the details in relation with the subscription and you can also include the reason for cancel[...]

In case you have taken a membership which you had taken in the name of your business and you wish to have it cancelled for whatever reasons then you can do so by writing a membership cancellation letter to the institution with which you have taken this membership. In ord[...]

If by mistake you have ended up paying extra money for your phone bill then you can always ask the company to refund you the extra payment that you have made against your phone bill and you can do that just by writing a letter for the same. We have come up with a templat[...]

Never miss on the chance to say thank you to someone who has helped you. If there is someone who has helped you with handling the claim that you had made then you must make sure that you write to that person a thank you letter for expressing your gratitude. Shared in thi[...]

Transmittal letters are a kind of letters that are written for accompanying important documents that include financial reports or any other sensitive information. They make simple and precise letters that are mostly sent by businesses or organizations or individuals in o[...]

In case you are not available and you want to authorize someone else to take care of the medical treatment of your father then for that purpose you are supposed to write an authorization letter. This kind of a letter gives the authority to the mentioned person to take de[...]

If you had stayed in the hospital for a certain time for some treatment then while getting discharged from the hospital it is a thoughtful thing to write a thank you letter to hospital staff for all the service they provided to you. It is just a way of expressing your gr[...]

Whenever you go for an interview, it is important that you write a follow up letter to them in order to express your interest and seriousness about that particular job. In order to help you write your own formal follow up letter about surgical staff nurse position, we ha[...]