Press Release Employee Promotion Letter

Press Release: Employee Promotion   [DATE, ex. Saturday February 4, 2012]   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   [COMPANY NAME, ex. Silicon International] is pleased to announce and welcome [NAME, ex. Arnold Shaw] as its new [DESIGNATION, ex. Director].  [NAME, ex. Mr. Shaw] has been with [FIRM, ex. Softwood Software Designs] for [DURATION, ex. five years] as … Read more

Sample Promotion Letter From Employer Letter

To, Carla Bruney, Associate Manager, Customer Relations, Dream Workz Techno Center, California 11 July 2012 Dear Ms Carla, Dream Workz is pleased to inform you that your promotion from the post of Associate Manager to General Manager of the company with immediate effect from July 11, 2012, with monthly basic salary of $40,000. From now … Read more

Sample Team Up With Our Business For Promotion Letter

                                 Announcement of Program with Business Partner Contact [Contact details] Time – Headline –   Dateline – Date & Place of News Origin   [Company name] is pleased to announce a new program, [program name] in association with [business partner name] With this program, customers who [state conditions attached to offer] are entitled to [state … Read more