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Sample Complaint about Auto Repair Consumer Letters

by emily on January 12, 2012

524, Marshall Street
Boston, MA – 02123

31 March, 2012

[Recipient Address]


I took [vehicle name, year, etc.] on [repair date] to [repair location] for [specify repair]. I was attended by [mechanic name], who did a good job at that time. But, now I am facing the same problem again.
[Description here]

Now, I am highly dissatisfied with the services as the problem has occurred very soon. So, I want a partial or full refund of the charges I paid. I would appreciate if you contact me immediately when you receive this letter so that this matter can be resolved.


Robert Anderson

encl: [List enclosed items here]

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Sample Employee Grievance Letter

by emily on February 11, 2012

Heather Johnes


143, Red Hill Fort Road,


New Jersey, USA

Team Leader

Crystal Sales


Sandra Watford


569, Pershwick,


New Jersey, USA


Sub: Request to repair the ladies toilet

Dear Mrs. Sandra,

I am writing this letter to put a grievance request of all the female staff to repair the toilets in the women’s washroom on the ground floor. I have orally complained about this broken toilet couple of times but no action has been taken till now. I am forced to write a written complaint regarding the same now.

We are 25 women working on this floor, and there is only one toilet facility available here and thus we are forced to wait for long and lose most of our working time.

I request you to consider the problems we face due to limited bathroom space and I anticipate that repair works will be done without any further delay.

We are thankful to the company for all the support and facilities they have given till date. Your response is enthusiastically awaited.

Yours faithfully,

Heather Johnes

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Sample Formal Complaint Letter

by emily on January 7, 2012


Sergeant James Martin



Dear Mr. Martin,

I live in Wisconsin and I stay in the Varsity lanes residential area. I am writing to you to complaint about my neighbor Mr. Tom Cruise. Mr. Cruise is a banker and lives next to my resident. Yesterday at night when he came home he was driving and he banged my car at the middle of the night as he was drunk. I request you to register my complaint against Mr. Cruise for drunken and reckless driving. My car has been badly damaged and is now in the garage for repairs. Kindly do the needful in the case.

Thanking you

Warm regards

Thomas Morgan

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