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Congratulations to New Owners

by emily on June 18, 2012



As the new possessors of (company name), please accept our congratulations and very best wishes for your success in this new enterprise.(Name of company) is a well-established supplier of beef and provisions to many of the finer hotels and restaurants in (city) and its vicinity. We specialize in choice and prime, portion controlled, pork, lamb, veal and western beef. We have enclosed a price list for your review, but would like to add that there are specific quantity discounts that are available on the order placed. (Name of rep), our sales representative for your area would be pleased to come to the (name of restaurant) at time of your convenience to show you the quality of our products and discuss our terms and prices with you in detail.Please call (phone) us to fix an appointment.

Congratulations to New Owners

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Congratulations to New Business

by emily on June 18, 2012



Heartiest Congratulations on the opening of your new gallery. As we all are aware that every business requires a good bookkeeping system, and have developed complete programs for businesses of all sizes. While some systems are more extensive than others, they all have a mutual goal; to minimize paperwork, conserve time spent on bookkeeping, and provide a simple format for keeping records in good order. We specialize in bookkeeping software(s). I have enclosed our brochure and price list for your ready review. Upon your request, I will be happy to arrange a meeting as per a convenient time for one of our salesmen to meet with you at your location. Best wishes for your success and for future.

 Congratulations to New Business

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Congratulations on Increased Sales

by emily on June 16, 2012

TO: Sales Department Members

FROM: H.C. Chambers

SUBJECT: Monthly Results


The numbers are in and I am proud to inform you that our total sales for the period of April 15th through May 15th amount to $358,466.00, which represents a 10% increase over our sales for the preceding period. You have achieved the goal we established in the first week of April, and you are all to be highly commended for your achievement. Congratulations!

Congratulations on Increased Sales

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Congratulations on a Job Well Done

by emily on June 15, 2012



The displays you created for the “Summer’s Arrival” promotion are just beautiful and very creative. Several of the sales staff told me that they have received numerous compliments from the customers for the amazing promotion. I personally would like to commend on the work done on such short notice. I am well aware that you have put in a lot of hard work in the same, and the results are just commendable.

Congratulations on a job well done. Keep up the good work.

Congratulations on a Job Well Done

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Retirement Appreciation Letter

by emily on April 10, 2012

Robert software solutions,

Dear Mr. Wilson,

After the service of 25 years as Sales & Marketing Manager with Robert software solutions, it is hard to believe that you have reached to retirement. It’s tough for me to see you going today, but heartiest congratulations on your retirement.

You joined this organization, when I was a teenager and my father was handling everything. I have been seeing you since 25 years as the helping hand of my father; you gave your days and nights to Robert software solutions. I appreciate your contribution from the core of my heart.  My eyes are wet at this moment of time when you are leaving us to go to your hometown.

If you need anything in life, please do not hesitate to contact me on my phone number or email id and provide me your new contact details as well.

Once Again heartiest congratulations on retirement and wish you a happy and content life ahead. Keep in Touch.

Warm Regards,

Andy Gilbert


Robert software solutions

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Sample Sales Promotional Letter

by emily on April 3, 2012

Date: 11 June 2012

Mr. Ryan Snipers,

25th Floor, High street,



Dear Mr. Ryan,

Congratulations! This letter is in reference to inform you that you have been selected in the finals to win a trip for two for the world tour. I am sure you must be delighted and surprised to hear it.

As you are the regular readers of our magazine, we have confirmed your entry in the contest. We, in partnership with Four Seasons Tour & Travels have arranged a free world tour package exclusively for our readers. So, pack your bags and get ready for an exciting trip ahead and it starts form the coming week.

All you need to do is subscribe for an annual issue of our magazine for just $75 and you can be the lucky winner of the grand trip.

Thanks & Regards,

Carla Bruney,


Reader’s magazine.

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Sample Manager Farewell Letter

by emily on January 21, 2012

11th April 2012

Dear All,

For 15 years, all of you have proved to be a cooperative and trusted team of employees at Crystal Sales. With your hard-work and sincere efforts, we have become No. 1 in our market. All the credit goes to the whole team it was a combined effort of all of us. Congratulations to the whole team!

On my last day today with the company, I am glad to leave behind a confident team. I wish you good luck for future and I wish you all will continue your efforts in this company. Please feel free to call me on my phone or email me on Keep in touch.

Warm Regards

Rob Benwel

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Sample Job Acceptance Congratulations Letter

by emily on January 6, 2012

Ms. Maria Carey

101, Canon City,



July 11, 2012

Mr. Richard Harris

501, Apple Valley,



Dear Mr. Harris,

On behalf of the whole company I would like to congratulate you for being a part of our team as one of the sales executive. I have evaluated your resume and I would like to mention that it is quite impressive. Your qualifications and work experience are absolutely suitable for the position of a sales staff executive in the company. I am confident on you and I am hoping you will be an excellent addition to our team and you will contribute well to the continuous success of the Sales Department.

As decided by the management I am aware you are supposed to join from next Monday. I am looking forward to meeting you personally. I will be giving you a short orientation about your roles and responsibilities as a sales executive.

Congratulations from all of us!

Yours faithfully,

Ms. Maria Carey

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Sample Employment Agreement Letter

by emily on December 22, 2011


Chris Miller

31, Harvard Drive

Dallas, TX – 307445




Ms. Jessica Hamilton

66-B, Bloom Apartments

Dallas, TX – 307720



Dear Ms. Hamilton


It is with great pleasure that on behalf of ABC Communications Ltd., I’d like to inform you that you have bee selected for the post Senior Sales Manager in the company.

Just to remind you, you had earlier sent in a job application for the post of a Company Assistant, after which you sat for the interview, at the end of it all, you emerged as one of the best applicants.


Attached are two copies of our employment agreement. Kindly sign them and return one copy to us. Also enclosed is a document with your job duties & responsibilities and your pay package. We expect you to join the company on October 1, 2011.


Please feel free to contact us if you any questions on (334) 210 6077.


Congratulations and welcome to ABC Communications Ltd.



Chris Miller

HR Manager

ABC Communications Ltd.

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