Discipline is extremely important for any company but in order to maintain that discipline, you have to write disciplinary warning letter to the defaulter in order to bring the attention. There are all kinds of disciplinary warning letters available online which can be u[...]

Food poisoning can happen to anyone and if you have fallen sick because of food poisoning then you must write sick leave mail to manager or food poisoning sick leave email for boss to inform them about your absence from work because of food poisoning. In this post, we ha[...]

Sleeping at work is not justified and if in case you have been caught sleeping during working hours then you must have a good reason for it. In such a situation, it is important to write an apology letter to your boss for sleeping at work. Application for apology for sle[...]

Summer internship is a very popular format with students who wish to utilize their summer holidays for gaining some work experience by joining different companies for different profiles. But for the same, an internship application has to be submitted to which the compani[...]

If a student has been selected for internship program then the company is supposed to inform the student by writing internship confirmation letter from company to student. It is a simple letter which acts as joining letter for internship and includes all the terms and co[...]

The paid or unpaid internship appointment letter is an official confirmation of the appointment for internship in a company. The internship joining letter format is quite simple and includes all the terms and conditions for the appointment along with the duration of the [...]

Internship is an important format which helps students as well as prospective job candidates to get exposure to the real world where they will get to work. It is a way to gain knowledge and learn skills that are needed in the workplace. If a student or internee gets sele[...]

If there is some reason because of which you need your work schedule to be changed then you need to write a request letter to boss for shift timing change in office. Just by writing a request letter for shift change in office hours, you can put forward the need of such a[...]

Not all societies and apartments allow installation of internet and therefore, in such a situation the residents or the tenants have to write a permission letter to society. The society permission letter for internet connection is a short and precise letter that seeks th[...]

Sometimes it just so happens that the parcel that we have sent through courier does not reach the destination on time or gets lost for various reasons. In such a situation, it is important to write a complaint letter for non delivery of courier highlighting the issue. Th[...]