Sometimes you need to have an approval letter for attending a training session and if you are also in need of one then you need to submit a formal Request Letter to Attend Training Course. If you are the one who is managing the training session and you need to write an a[...]

Whenever an employee uses the cab to commute to reach somewhere for official work of the company that has been assigned to him, he is entitled to be reimbursed for the same if he has made the payment from his pocket. And for that a Reimbursement Request Letter has to be [...]

The purpose of writing a Driving License Conversion Letter is for requesting the conversion of license. This kind of need arises when the person wishes to use one license in a different country as the licenses are usually issues in the local language of the country and t[...]

There are elections at every level and if someone you know has won the elections then this calls for congratulating that person by writing a letter of congratulations for winning election. This kind of a letter is quite simple and is written with an intention to congratu[...]

If an owner of the company has decided to close the officer because of financial problems then the same should be communicated to the employees as well and for doing that a formal Letter Announcing Office Closing due to Financial Problem should be written. The Office Clo[...]

When you are living in a rented premises, various issues can keep coming if and they can be resolved peacefully and smoothly if you have a cooperating landlord. If such a situation has come up in your life and your landlord has extended you all the support to resolve the[...]

Road damages are very common and if you are also experiencing the same in your locality or anywhere in the city then you can always write a Letter to Municipal Corporation for Road Repair. The Complaint Letter to Municipal Corporation for Repairing of Roads is a formal w[...]

Water supply issues are quite common and therefore, writing a letter to municipal corporation about water supply is the right thing to do. Letter to Municipal Corporation for Water Problem is a simple letter to the department which highlights the issue with water. The wa[...]

Public park is of extreme importance and if your community does not have one then you can always write a letter for necessity of public park and gardens to the concerned department. Just like a park maintenance complaint letter, you can also write a letter to the commiss[...]

Drainage problem is a serious issue and if you are suffering from it then in order to have it fixed you have to write a letter to municipal commissioner for drainage problem. This kind of an application letter is a complaint letter for drainage problem which includes the[...]