A compliment letter is written as an acknowledgment and appraisal of someone’s work. It is never a bad idea to drop in an appreciation letter to someone be it your friends, family or colleagues. The smallest of victories deserve to be celebrated because they serve as a[...]

A guardianship letter is a legal and binding document that allows the parents or guardians to transfer the guardianship of a child temporarily. The letter gives the rights of a legal guardian of the child to the grandparents or close friends or relatives for the time per[...]

A letter of clemency is a letter written as an apology to the court or the President or the Governor of the State. The purpose of the letter is to ask the judiciary to show mercy on a person convicted of a crime and why he should be granted mercy. In this post are some [[...]

Making a donation in the name of the deceased person is a sign of sympathy and humanity. Donation Letter in memory of someone is written to express your condolences for the person who died and show support to the family. Donations are the best and the most generous form [...]

Warranty Claim for a product is a consumer’s right. The claim not being honored by the business establishment is matter of legal concern for the consumer. Complaint letter for warranty claim not being honored or addressed can be filed with the grievance officer by the [...]

Writing a Letter to Editor of newspaper on any Social Issue is always a good thing to do as a responsible citizen.  You can send a letter to editor highlighting any of the social issues that you see around you. If you are thinking of writing one such letter then you can[...]

In order to keep the track of the working hours of the employees, employers usually maintain a record of each and every detail which forms the basis of calculating payrolls and taking other actions. And for that the staff must be aware of the sign in and sign out policy.[...]

The purpose of writing a Disagreement Letter Concerning Employees Layoff is for giving reasons to the reader for not going ahead with the laying off of a particular employee. This kind of letter is short and simple and must focus on points for not laying off an employee [...]

If you have hired professional cleaning company to clean your office or any other setup and they have not been performing well then writing a complaint letter for poor cleaning services would be the right thing to do. You can use the complaint letter format for writing a[...]

There are times in business when the sales are low or there is lack of work and company struggles through financial challenges. In these times companies have to layoff their employees. If you also intend to do the same then writing an Employee Termination Letter or using[...]