If you wish to terminate the contract with your security agency then you have to write a formal Security Agency Termination Letter for the same. The purpose of the letter is to professionally mention about the termination along with the reason for termination. You can ea[...]

If you wish to apply for the post of waiter or waitress in a restaurant then you are supposed to be submitting an Application for Employment as Waiter in Restaurant or Hotel. The Short application letter for Waiter position makes an uncomplicated letter that highlights y[...]

Sometimes because of some urgent work, employees are required to apply for emergency leaves. As they have nothing preplanned and certain situation comes up, they have to leave work for emergency reasons and in such a scenario writing a leave application for urgent work i[...]

Help Desk Cover Letter Sample Format[...]

If you are a supervisor in your company and you wish to resign from your job for personal reasons then you must write a resignation letter to your senior. The Supervisor Resignation Letter is a simple letter which must include the reason for resignation. The Resignation [...]

Property owners sometimes conduct periodical inspections of their properties in order to make sure that everything is working fine and all the safety standards are being adhered to. Once the inspection is done, the owner must write a formal inspection letter to tenant. T[...]

The purpose of employee self introduction email is to formally introduce oneself to the other members of the organization. The introduction email helps in establishing a quick connect with other people in the department. This post includes a Sample Self Introduction Emai[...]

A waiver letter is a kind of formal letter that is written to the party to whom you are supposed to make a certain payment in order to request the party to waive the charges or the limitation which otherwise would apply. Writing a waiver letter is quite simple if you kno[...]

We all love sharing our experiences with our friends and writing an informal letter to a friend about holiday is just one way of doing so. If you have been on a holiday recently and you have been wanting to share it with your friend then you can always write letter to yo[...]

Many institutions require us to submit our original documents with them. Schools often ask for original birth certificates of the students to be submitted and if you need that particular document then you must write a Request letter for birth certificate from school by p[...]