References are common in professional world. If there is an opening in your company and you feel that some of your friend or family member is suitable for the profile then you can always refer them. The referral letter template can be used for writing a letter of recomme[...]

There are some companies that allow the employees for referring the candidates for the job in the company and even if your company does not then you can always refer a suitable candidate for the opening after discussing the same with the Human Resource department of your[...]

The concept of maternity leaves gives mothers a chance to be there with their younger ones after delivery but sometimes the maternity leaves seem to end too fast. If you are seeking extension of maternity leave due to COVID or otherwise then you can write an application [...]

Diarrhea is a common condition and if you are experiencing any kind of symptoms related to diarrhea, it is advisable that you write a sick leave application letter in order to inform your management in advance. You can frame a loose motion leave letter for office or vomi[...]

Letters from family, friends and co-workers are very helpful as they increase the chance of getting a parole. A parole letter from sister, mother, husband can certainly add on to the probability of getting the parole. But if you are wondering how to write a parole letter[...]

If you are seeking a new gas connection then you might need to submit a residential address proof for them same and in case you don’t have the same then before writing a new gas connection letter format, you need to write an address proof letter format.  The residenti[...]

The idea behind suspension is to correct the misconduct of the people who fail to adhere to the code of the conduct. Every organization has certain rules that need to be followed to make sure that all the employees are in discipline and same stands true for players as we[...]

Sometime a bad behavior at place of work can attract suspension and in order to formally communicate the same to the employee, a suspension letter to employee for misbehavior has to be written. The job suspension letter for misconduct is a simple letter that includes the[...]

Online classes are the new way of studying due to the pandemic situation. In case, you have eye problem and you are not able to attend the online classes then you must inform about the same to your institution by writing an application for not attending online class. Jus[...]

Discipline is extremely important for any company but in order to maintain that discipline, you have to write disciplinary warning letter to the defaulter in order to bring the attention. There are all kinds of disciplinary warning letters available online which can be u[...]