When you are living in a rented premises, various issues can keep coming if and they can be resolved peacefully and smoothly if you have a cooperating landlord. If such a situation has come up in your life and your landlord has extended you all the support to resolve the[...]

Road damages are very common and if you are also experiencing the same in your locality or anywhere in the city then you can always write a Letter to Municipal Corporation for Road Repair. The Complaint Letter to Municipal Corporation for Repairing of Roads is a formal w[...]

Water supply issues are quite common and therefore, writing a letter to municipal corporation about water supply is the right thing to do. Letter to Municipal Corporation for Water Problem is a simple letter to the department which highlights the issue with water. The wa[...]

Public park is of extreme importance and if your community does not have one then you can always write a letter for necessity of public park and gardens to the concerned department. Just like a park maintenance complaint letter, you can also write a letter to the commiss[...]

Drainage problem is a serious issue and if you are suffering from it then in order to have it fixed you have to write a letter to municipal commissioner for drainage problem. This kind of an application letter is a complaint letter for drainage problem which includes the[...]

Work permit letter is issued by a country or a state to a foreign individual who is looking for employment in that country. The work permit request letter is written for the same purpose.  The work permission letter format must include all the information in relatio[...]

Every company has different rules when it comes to maternity leave but whatever be the rules, if you have opted for maternity leave and you wish to return to work then you must write a return to work letter from employer to employee. This return to work after maternity l[...]

If you are planning to organize a fashion show and looking for sponsors for the same then you need to write a formal fashion show proposal letter for sponsorship. The sponsorship letter sample is a precise letter which includes all the details about the event. The Fashio[...]

Due to the pandemic situation, online classes have become quite common. But sometimes due to various reasons attending an online class is not possible and in that situation, writing an application for not attending online classes is suggested. Format for application for [...]

Rising prices is a serious issue and in order to highlight the issue further, you can always write a letter to the editor about the rising prices for asking him or her to focus on this important issue in their newspaper. The short letter on rising prices must contain the[...]