Demand For Delivery

DEMAND FOR DELIVERY   Date: _   To: _ (Supplier)   Whereas the undersigned has now settled his accounts and has made full payment to you in the sum of $_, for all goods to be shipped pursuant to our order dated _, 20_; we request delivery of requested goods in accordance with our contract. … Read more

Demand For Acknowledgement of Shipping Dates

DEMAND FOR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF SHIPPING DATES Date: _ To : _ (Supplier)   We hereby request that you agreed shipping arrangements pursuant to our order of _, 20_ and that you provide us with the assurance that you shall comply. Default in seasonable and sufficient assurance from you shall constitute a break of said contract … Read more

Demand by Secured Party For Possession of Collateral

DEMAND BY SECURED PARTY FOR POSSESSION OF COLLATERAL Date: _   To: _ (Debtor)   This is to guide you that you are in default under our security agreement dated _, 20_, for the below mentioned reason(s): _ Accordingly, I demand that you surrender possession of the collateral to me at once as provided in … Read more

Cover Letter For Loan Book

Dear   Thank you for the recent opportunity of serving you in our Installment Loan Division. The coupon book enclosed is provided for your convenience in making payments on your note. It will furnish you with a record of payments. We are certain that you will appreciate the convenience afforded by this book. Please make … Read more

Affidavit For Lost Stolen Destroyed Stock Certificate

AFFIDAVIT FOR LOST, STOLEN, DESTROYED STOCK CERTIFICATE   State of ______________________ County of _____________________   I, (name) , being duly sworn, state: That I reside at (address) , (city) , (state)  That I am the legal and beneficial owner of (number) shares of the (specify class) stock of (corporation) represented by certificates described as follows: … Read more

Acknowledgement of Warranty and Instruction For Product Return

Dear   This is in reference to the complaint filed and product return. We are sorry to hear that you have been experiencing problems with your new (name of product). While we do ask that our customers contact their dealer in the event of a problem, we recognize that, in your case, it would be … Read more