Security Deposit Confirmation Letter Format, Template

The security deposit letter format works as a proof of receipt of deposit of the tenants’ security amount. A security deposit confirmation letter format works as a formal document that is signed by the tenant as well the landlord once the deposit has been paid by the tenant. The security deposit proof of receipt template … Read more

Confirmation of Telephone Report of Problem

Dear   This letter will serve to confirm our agreement regarding your purchase of, and payment for, certain merchandise from our corporation.  We have agreed to ship the below mentioned merchandise to you: You agree to abide by our printed terms and conditions, and you additionally agree to pay for the merchandise in three equal … Read more

Confirmation of Extension of Payment Date

Dear   This is in reference to our earlier telephonic conversation. This will acknowledge our telephone conversation of this date. As was mentioned specifically in our letter dated (date), we should be receiving our financing by (date) In view of the above, we would appreciate your extending the date for our payment of the account … Read more

Confirmation of Acceptance of Employee Suggestion

Dear   We are writing this letter to confirm the acceptance of the suggestion. Your suggestion that we recycle the trims from our vinyl production has been analyzed and found to be an extremely viable idea. This recycling process, which will be implemented in six to eight weeks from now, will result in direct savings … Read more

Acknowledgement of Request For Bid Confirmation of Deadline

Dear   This is in reference to your request for bid on the project. We would like to thank you for placing your request for our bid on (project) This letter is to acknowledge our receipt of said request and to advise you that we will be soon submitting our proposal on or before (confirmation … Read more

Confirmation of Appointment Made By Phone Letter

123 Lane, Area 456, City, State, Pin Code February 23, 2012 [Mention Recipient’s Address Here] Hello, I’m writing this letter to confirm the details of our meeting scheduled on [date], at [time], at [location]. [Logistics confirmation.] [Brief description of agenda of the meeting.] Please feel free to call me at [phone number] if you have … Read more

Confirmation Letter Exception or Changes To Terms Letter

123 Lane, Area 456, City, State, Pin Code February 23, 2012 [Mention Recipient’s Address Here] Hello, Thank you for <nature of business>. Our understanding is as follows: – <terms and conditions of the agreement> However, we would like to <make changes to terms and condition>: – <terms of disparity> Due to few reasons <reasons for … Read more